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Saturday, July 4, 2015

A matter...of our hearts for ..a heart! Eine "Herzensangelegenheit"

Dear friends , internationally...smile emoticon

 Via a fb group , 3 days ago, i heard about a tourist lady, stranded in an Athenes Hospital due to severe heartfailure ON the plane from he island of tKos towards Duesseldorf/Germany...plane turned back, she is to be operated on Monday (open heart surgery) here in Athenes .

Her husband is with her, 
Several people - all strangers to each other up to that point !!! heart emoticon ..have started visiting them and helping as much each one individually can!  Today i met both of them, visiting the lady in intensive care unit together with her husband! Both are very kind, honest and caring persons ! And in deep deep problems right now!!...........
 I  would like to take the liberty of asking for some more help concerning :
A. for Athens located people: 10 blood donations are urgenly needed until tomorrow eVening ! 

As you might understand , the couple has got no realtives here, neither any aquaintances...! The blood donation can be done in any Greek hospital, in the name of BARBARA VAN MILL, IPPOKRATEIO HOSPITAL ATHENS.
B. Both, husband and wife do earn their living in Germany through a normal salary , but have no extra savings......AND NOW  have to meet and deal now wih a huge lot of extra expenses which are far higher than they can manage !( and they neither have available..) . Plus the situation here right now..

IF anybody might be willing to offer a small contribution , that would make a great difference to them! We all know..it doesnt have to be much.....but if several ( or hopefully more) might help ..a bigger amount is quickly gathered! The whole amount of money needed is not yet known...but right now, if about 2.000 euro could be colleced..THAT WOULD BE OF EVER SO MUCH HELP to cover some first hotel costs, food, taxis,medicine, toiletry items etc..

.Please feel free to contact me about more details! Contributions would have to be done via bank transfer (to Germany ) only , as this is the ONLY WAY the husband can get money with his card from the ATMs in Athens!

You can see the bank account number in the picture below ! 

 thank you in advance , take care everybody!!! 


Fuer meine deutschsprachigen Freunde! hierum gehts !!! Habe das mir bis dato unbekannte :) Ehepaar jetzt ein paar Tage telefonisch begleitet und geholfen, soweit es mir moeglich war mit Kontakten zur Diakonie der ev Kirche Athen ..und weiteres ..und habe sie beide auch heute nachmittag persoenlich kennengelern! 
Die Nachricht ueber das Geschehen erreichte mich ueber eine facebook gruppe...wo dringends jemand als Kontaktperson in Athen gesucht wurde., der/die Deutsch und Griechisch spricht!!:) 

Zwei liebe , ehrliche und ueberaus sympathische Menschen...mit ploetzlichen grossen Problemen! 

Sie brauchen Unterstuetzung , denn sie sind bei weitem nicht reich..und stehen nun vor ..noch nicht auszurechnenden Ausgaben hier! 
Sie bitten um Hilfe, damit erstmal Hotelkosten, Essen, Einkaeufe (Toilettenartikel/ frische Kleidung) etc evtl gedeckt werden koennen. 
Dazu kommt die unsichere Situation hier...
Herr van Mill kann NUR mit seiner deutschen Bankkarte hier am Automat Geld abheben, daher..WENN jemand etwas spenden moechte, dann geht es nur ueber das unten stehende deutsche Konto! 
Wir alle wissen, dass viele  kleine Betraege, egal wie klein!!!! , zusammen einen riesigen Unterschied machen!!!! Und dass waere schoen, wenn wir in einer "HERZENSANGELEGENHEIT "  helfen koennten! 

Im Namen der van Mills..sag ich schonmal DANKE !!! <3 nbsp="">

heart emotico

Saturday, June 6, 2015

"under construction" a room for Grandma :)

a lttle tribute to my (many years passed away) Grandma..getting older myself, i feel stronger for her and her last years she spent with us ! I am trying to sort of "reproduce" the atmosphere in her room, including some items she had liked :)
The room is not finished, but - besides trying to sell some minis- i am also working on some special and more personal things :)
Here are some pictures of Grandma and her belongings .so far !
The doll is made by my friend Inge Zieres, especially for me :) ( well....and for Praline! ) .
I will use old invitations from the township of Cologne on the walls , she had saved them ...nearly 100 years old now !

she had loved this painting by Wilhelm Leibl, Women praying in church

much left to do !

Thank you all for commenting on my last post :)
Yes, Mikropragmatakia will be in Spain next weekend...but i myself am staying in Athens .

Thursday, June 4, 2015

last 2 months :) die letzetn zwei Monate :)

When seeing this little picture, i couldn't resist...had to make a frame with it :)

Life is crazy sometimes :) :)

It fits well in ...my dollhouse :) (and not only !!)

A new friend in miniland makes these frames with plaster..perfect size :) nice to paint ..or glue paper to :) like this :

Biggest news is , i will be presented on the miniature fair in Marabella , Spain , on June 13 th and June 14th ! A very kind friend, Kathleen Sala from "International Doll's houses" will have 4 of her dear friends on her table for the fair :) There is Inge from Germany, Sophia and Mimi from Greece , and me ...Greece/Germany :

 I have already mentioned my friends several times in older posts, but here are the links again! 
Inge :   https://www.facebook.com/inge.zieres?fref=ts
Sophia:  https://www.facebook.com/spirtokouto.miniatures?fref=ts
Mimi :   https://www.facebook.com/mimi.topia.9?fref=ts

Now..at the fair , you can also win a doll's house! There is a special draw for winning 
this beautiful house, as it is in the pictures! 

The house  is handmade by Kathleen Sala and donated by her for the draw. All money collected with the participations (only 5 euro!!! ) will be donated to two well known organisations in Spain who offer help to cancer patients and their families! 
YOU NEED TO KNOW : You can also participate in this special draw via email - as not everybody can travel to Spain,..and so have the chance to win it ! 
The contact person and email for your participation is : 
Matilde Mora Rodriguez , https://www.facebook.com/events/430528123793949/permalink/430529127127182/

I have been busy preparing little sets of items for the fair, making many cute little paper plates, Cornflakes packages, bottles and of course..many mini books :) 
Here are some examples : 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Grandma doll :)

she is a special doll...my friend Inge Zieres (you can find her on fb also as Minimagicblog) made for me on my special request! She tried to make her look a little bit like my real grandmother using some photos! Grandma Millie has long passed away, but sometimes i miss her dearly...! So in miniature now she will have her own little place, i will slowly fill it with memories :) First piece was the old armchair, which we "inherited"  from her and which is still a favorite place to sit for all of us !
I think she fits nicely with Praline! (who also got a lttle cat now! again..a present!! )

Grossmutter ist ein besonderes Pueppchen, das meine Freundin Inge Zieres (auch auf fb zu finden unter Minimagicblog) fuer mich speziel gemacht hat nach Fotos! Meine Grossmutter Millie ist schon lange verstorben, aber manchmal fehlt sie mir. In Miniatur wird sie nun ihren besonderen Platz bekommen, der Stuck fuer Stueck mit Erinnerungen gefuellt werden soll. Das erste Teil ist unser alter Sessel, den wir von ihr geerbt haben und der immer noch ein Lieblingsplatz fuer alle ist.
Sie passt so schoen zu Praline ( die jetzt auch ein Kaetzchen hat! ..wieder ein liebes Geschenk! )

Grandma is a bit too big for the Lundby house...nice excuse to have to make something for her! :)
Sie ist etwas zu gross fuers Lundbyhaus, aber das ist ja eine wunderbare "Ausrede" um ihr etwas bauen zu muessen! :)

And ..nearly forgot, the latest items,
1. it is a bought pattern to print out...for a tiny cute paper-stove! i cut, glued and painted it and added the stovepipe..which was not with the pattern!
Guess who will have a new kitchen?  :)

Beinahe haette ich noch die neusten sachen vergessen, ein Herd aus Papier. Das ist ein gekauftes , ausdruckbares Muster, das ich ausgeschnitten, geklebt und bemalt habe! Als Zusatz von mir, das Ofenrohr...das war nicht dabei! :) Man braucht wohl nicht lange raten, wer bald einen neue Kueche bekommt ? :)
Und..Flaschen, 3cm und 1,5 cm gross ( 0.5 in inches) ...darueber wird es bald mehr zu berichten geben! ;)

2. Bottles , 3cm high and 1,5 cm high ( about 0.5 inches!! ) ....more about that soon! :) :)

yes..Praline had a sip already :) It is such a cute label " Dragon kiss" :) :) 
Ja, Praline hat schon probiert, ist so ein nettes Etikett , "Drachen Kuss" :) ! 

Happy Easter dear friends! A little tour through the last months!

Kein Aprilscherz...:) Ich bin noch da :) Hier eine kleine Tour durch die ersten Monate 2015 :)
Bedanken moechte ich mich noch bei Birgit und Flutterby fuer die wunderschoenen Ueberraschungsweihnachtsgeschenke ....!! (Better late than never!!! ) und auch weitere liebe Gruesse von einigen Blogfreunden!

Easter coming up..soon..and it is no April's fool joke...i am still here :)
Firstly i must apologize to BIRGIT and Flutterby , i would like to say a big Thank you here,too, for the wonderful surprise christmas presents!!! :) (better late than never! ...) And also Thanks to quite a number of Blogfriends for greetings! :)
To cut things short..well wrapped up in everyday life, but continuing mini making and enjoying the fun!
I had a wondeful present some time ago,i got a Lundby dollhouse from dear friends.
Ηadn't really known much about Lundby houses , but quickly got to join the "club" , discovering that there are fans and collectors of course all over the world, and made quite a number of new and nice aqaintances through Lundby-grous on fb.

Mini books ...of course! Still loving doing them :)

Paper things...yes, still favorite ! :)
Praline and Caramel ? Yes..happy and well! :)
We are joined by Antonio, the baker and Sonja, a beautiful "young lady" , Pietro- a little bear visiting from Germany!AND Grandma, a new little doll my friend from Frankfurt made for me , e..Praline :) !She is made after a picture of my real Grandma!

So,here are various pictures from the first months of  2015

Here's January :
new mini mini books :) 

Grandma arrived :) Oma ist angekommen :) 

Kitchen cabinett made from left overs business cards..
a copy of a ready one, as shown in picture below! ( the size is 1:12) 
Add caption
Add caption

ready one on the left!!!

February 2015 :
not many minis , as we started moving house..BUT i made (not readable) mini encyclopedias( for 1:12 libraries..)  ..which do look nice! And some newspapers..:) 

March 2015 :
Moving (real life ) house...and the LUNDBY dollhouse...which also led to making more mini books in smaller size apart from 1:12 ! Lundby items are in 1 :18.! 

First Grandma got her armchair, which is a copy made by me, of  her own armchair she had back home :) It is ever so comfortable and we still love it and keep it! 

Then....the LUNDBY house arrived ..and we started .,.thinking in 1 :18 !!! :)
Praline loves it !! And ..of course her bed does fit in! :) :)

See you soon again, take care , and a big hug around the world! :) 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Froehliche Weihnachten Καλά Χριστούγεννα

με τις καλύτερες ευχές μου !

mit allen guten Wuenschen !

with all best wishes!

Mini transparent ,  2cm